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The bulwark against Simon taking over the world

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Pengolodh (s.c)
30 July 1976
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29 years old male, homosexual student hailing from the chilled land of Norway. Am currently learning how to admin computer-networks, and the like.

I have an interest in naval and maritime technology, as might be gleaned from some of my userpictures - the default userpicture is the armourclad KNM Norge, built 1899-1900 for the Royal Norwegian Navy, and sunk April 9th 1940 by the German Kampfgruppe 1 attacking Narvik. As such, I hhave a liking for computergames with naval combat, a favourite being Fighting Steel upgraded to (so far) FSP v9.52. While the original Fighting Steel was something of a flop, and rather flawed, the Fighting Steel Project has undertaken to upgrade the program for free, and has the rights to do so, and they are adding new ships regularly, and are working on upgrades to the 3D-engine, as well. With the original Fighting Steel being sold for nearly nothing by eBay vendors, and the FSP-upgrades for free, it is quite the bargain.

In literature my tastes tend to lie mainly within the genres of fantasy and science fiction. Some few of my favourites include:
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