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The Norwegian Prime Minister speaks about the terrorist attacks in Norway:
Today Norway has been struck by two devastating, bloody, and craven attacks. We do not know who attacked us - much remains uncertain. But we do know that many are killed and many are wounded. We are all shocked by the evil which hit us so brutally and so suddenly.

This is an evening that demands much from all of us. The days ahead of us will demand yet more. We are prepared to meet these demands. Norway stands together in times of crisis. We mourn our dead, we suffer with our wounded, and we feel for the bereaved. We are talking of attacks on innocent civilians, on youths at summer camp, on all of us.

I have a message to those who attacked us, and to those who are behind the attacks. It is a message from all of Norway: They will not be allowed to destroy us. You will not be allowed to destroy our democracy or our commitment to a better world. We are a small nation, but we are a proud nation. Nobody shall bomb us into silence, nobody shall gun us into silence, nobody shall ever terrify us away from being Norway.

This evening and night we shall take care of each other, comfort each other, talk to each other, and stand together. Tomorrow we show the world that Norwegian democracy is strengthened when it matters. We will find the guilty and hold them accountable. The most important thing tonight is to save human life, and to comfort all those struck and their kin.

I would like to recognise the police, the medical staff and all those others who in these hours are making a formidable effort to help people, limit injuries and save life.

Edited to add bit I missed at the end: We must never cease standing up for our values. We must demonstrate that our open society can pass also this test, that the response to violence is even more democracy, even more humanitarianism, but never naivity. We owe this to the victims and their next of kin.

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