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Slow TV - 134-hour live broadcast of Hurtigrute-sailing

Norwegian broadcaster NRK is currently broadcasting directly (on its NRK2 network) from the Northbound sailing of the Hurtigrute vessel MS NORDNORGE. Cameras film not the onboard life, but the seas and the landscape surrounding the ship, boats accompanying the ship, work in the harbour, cultural shows put on in harbour in honour of the broadcast, etc. In Kristiansand, for instance, the mayor was present, and a show was put on by a dance-troupe of youngsters, with a cheering audience of about 50+ people, at 1:30am.

As might be expected, this filming has brought out lots of people to greet and cheer the Hurtigrute as it passes, flotillas of private boats accompanying the ship into harbour, marching bands serenading the ship in harbour, and so on - it is not dissimilar to how people along the coast mustered in force to greet and cheer MS KONG HARALD on her maiden sailing in 1993 as the first of the new generation of Hurtigrute vessels.

Hurtigruten still performs a valuable liner service on the Norwegian coast, carrying both passengers and cargo, and is loved by the people it serves. Not for nothing do we refer to the Hurtigrute service as Highway Nr. 1. Service was inaugurated in 1893, with weekly sailings from Trondheim to Tromsø, and has by now extended to daily sailings between Bergen and Kirkenes, calling on a total of 34 harbours along the way.

The broadcast can be seen at

I believe, but do not know for certain, that the broadcast/netcast is viewable also outside Norway. Apparently NRK will make all of the footage available for download under the Creative Commons licence, too. More information in English about the Hurtigrute broadcast can be found at

The broadcast builds on the unexpected success a year and a half ago of the real-time broadcast of the seven hour Oslo-Bergen train trip.

On Sunday, the ship crosses the Vestfjord to the Lofotens - if the ship has mustered enough tourists for the excursion, I shall await it in Stamsund at 7pm CET, wearing my workclothes: Viking clothing, with helmet and axe.
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