Pengolodh (s.c) (pengolodh_sc) wrote,
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So my old computer has been in a slightly poor way for a while ("Scanning Bios Image in hard drive"), and I've been considering getting a replacement - either parts to upgrade what I have, or a whole new computer - but I've dragged my heels a bit on the issue. However, effective last night, my old computer has definitely kicked the bucket - am right now at parents' place, where I have used their internet access to order new computer.

Also - am (still slightly) sick. Had first symptoms Tuesday last week - at first it was giving mixed signals as to whether it was a cold or a flu, but by Monday it still showed no signs of letting off, so I visited the doctor. Turned turned out it's a bacterial infection pharyngitis, so I got antibiotics - and sick leave. I have one and a half day left to go with the antibiotics. Am rid of most symptoms, but still coughing like crazy.
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