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How I spent my weekend

This last weekend was a quite exhausting one, but in a good way. On Saturday evening there was a big feast at work - we feasted on fish, leg and (honeyglazed) heart of lamb, roast boar and more, the serving accompanied by music on bagpipe, drum, flute, nyckelharpa (keyed fiddle), table harp, lute, etc. - metheglin was served to drink, though I stuck to less intoxicating drinks. Entertainment throughout included singing, belly dancing and attempts at skaldic poetry. The feast proper was finished off with some rather wild ring dancing, again to music by those same instruments - the musicians increased the speed more and more; by the time the musicians relented, many of us were ready to drop.

Following the feast a number of us, including German and Polish traders, the smith and a Hungarian ex-special forces (I think) professor, assembled by the fire into the wee hours, talking and exchaning various Polish, Germanic, Norwegian, Scots and Hungarian songs - I left relatively early and was home before 4am. Getting up in time on Sunday was challenging.

Sunday was concluded by carrying off a treasure chest, before boarding a Viking ship and rowing it off some short distance - again accompanied by music. All in all a succesful conclusion to the Viking festival we'd hosted. Work at a Viking museum may not have the best pay, but there are certain intangible benefits.

Pictures from the festival
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