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In (Soviet) Russia Livejournal read you?

I'm half wondering if I've been sleeping so long that I missed Christmas and went straight to the first day of April, but...

It will seem from this post in news that Six Apart has sold Livejournal to SUP, the Russian partner of Six Apart. SUP has set up a California, US-based daughter company called Livejournal, Inc. to operate Livejournal. SUP states that it will generally maintain a minimalist approach in managing the site, but it will also "establish clear and concrete policies with regard to communication and consultation on issues vital to the community." Livejournal, Inc. will apparently also form a Livejournal Advisory Board, composed of "both industry experts and members of the LiveJournal community" - Brad Fitzpatrick will be one of the members. Read the whole post at news, and also see lj_2008 for more information - the posts there are phrased a bit differently than at news.

Livejournal, Inc. also have a 100 Day Plan....

Post title taken from this comment by nova_one

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