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I am looking for recommendations on MP3-software, both for playback and for making a copy of my CDs on my computer.

Currently I am using Musicmatch Jukebox, mainly on account of it happening to be what was installed when I started playing music in any quantity on my computer. I just realised, after having ripped most of my music CDs to my harddrive (I don't have any CD-player in the room, and the computer's DVD-drive is a bit loud) that Musicmatch has one annoying "feature": It pads each soundtrack with a short moment of silence, about 1/2 second long. For most of my CDs that makes no difference, but I have some CDs - particularly those with live recordings - where the sound by design is continuous from one track to the next, and it is a bit jolting to then have a forced half-second stop in the music/sound.

So - can anyone recommend software that does not add silence at the end of a track when ripping CDs (and which will play back the mp3s without taking a break to figure out where the next file on the playlist is)? The software will need to be usable on Windows XP. I'd appreciate any help.

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