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AIM has recently from v5.9 to v6, but I can't say I like it too much - the UI doesn't appeal to me. I guess it is meant to embody the ideals of "Web2.0"? The emoticons have become uglier, the handling of HTML and hyperlinks has been changed, and the text in the IM-windows got tinier. Upgrading also restored many of my settings to what apparently are the factory defaults, so I had to search out those settings (and not all can be found in the same menus any more) and get them back to what I want. And Viewpoint is back, of course. All in all, using AIM suddenly seems much less attractive to me.

On an only remotely related note, why do I keep getting added to the friendslists of French and (apparenlty) Turkish users on MSN Messenger? I currently have 7 or 8 persons asking permission to put me on their friendslist, and I've been fending off a lot of similar requests earlier. Does the word kirdan (possible optional spelling may be cirdan or chirdan or khirdan) have some special meaning in French or Turkish?

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