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Scream and Madonna recovered

On August 22nd 2004, thieves organised a daring caper at the Munch Museum, the Norwegian museum dedicated to the works by the Norwegian painter Edvard Munch (pronounced roughly like it was written Moonk). The two paintings Madonna (not quite work-safe) and Scream were stolen during opening hours, with shockede turists watching the theft before their eyes. The theft caused consternation not only in Norway, but also abroad.

Today the paintings were found again. According to the police, the paintings are in surprisingly good condition, one having a small tear, and both having some damage around the edges. Experts from the Munch Museum have confirmed that the paintings are the originals. No details have so far been released about how the paintings were recovered, but it is said that no reward has been paid.

This is good news - there was for a long time worry that the images had been, or would be, destructed by the thieves. Art thefts might very well go unsolved for eternity, so we are very lucky to see these paintings recovered.
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