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Hurrah - have stable computer. I didn't want to do it, but I finally had to settle for spending USD238/GBP129/EUR189 on new RAM. Once the new RAM was in, the computer stopped crashing at random several times per day. The Memtest results indicate it wasn't really anything faulty with the old memory, it just wasn't up to being combined with an AMD CPU.

In celebration, I bring - while it lasts - this find of a website with 80s music videos. I found it by way of quaxo. I'm not sure how long that site will survive as such, but as long as its there it looks fun - it has such things as ABBA, Bangles ("walking like an Egyptian", along with Lady Di and Colonel Ghadaffi), and others. Some band-names are slightly intimidating - I don't think I've ever heard of a band called "Butthole Surfers" before, nor one called "Revolting Cocks".... Note that the site requires Flash - it works well with Flash 7 in Opera.

There are some oldish ESC-entries, too - like Bobbysocks (with "La Det Svinge"), Celine Dion (for Switzerland with "Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi") and Carola Häggkvist (sp?) (with "Främling", while wearing something looking like a variation of an old Soviet Red Army field uniform?).

Speaking of Soviets, anyone ever heard of a band called CCCP, with a song called "American Soviets"? It was slightly peculiar, but seemed centred on Glasnost and Perestrojka - oddly, it also included footage of RMS Carpathia, the Cunard steamer that rescued the Titanic survivors.

Now, to bed - I just need to watch a couple more videos first....
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