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I hate having to rapid-change my mood. I ordered - several months ago - an external harddrive; a Western Digital Mybook Premium Edition 250GB, to be exact. It has USB 2.0 and Firewire, and I bought a Firewire controller to be able to use the Firewire interface. It also comes with automated back-up features. Then I waited. And waited. And waited. Norway, apparently, was not high on Western Digital's priorities, and so it took time before the thing arrived. Today I received - finally - the parcel from the post office. Upon opening the parcel, I find not the aforementioned item - I find instead a Western Digital Mybook Essential Edition 250GB. This one does not have Firewire, and it does not have automated back-up facilities. The price reflects this - it costs much less than the other does - but I was charged for the original item, not the one I received.


Tomorrow I will have to have some sharp words with Komplett's customer service - and I suppose it will take forever to get the right thing shipped.
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