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LJ has just officially announced a new service-level between free accounts and paid accounts - the new service-level is called Sponsored+. This level does not require payment, instead one has to put up with ads displayed on one's LJ and friendspage. Features include 15 userpics per month (6 for free accounts, 30 for paid), and 1 GB space in Scrapbook (nought for free, 2 GB for paid users), and also enables phone-posts and mobile posts. The ads will be displayed on the journals of users who opt for Sponsored+, but only to persons not logged in, free users, Early Adopters, and Sponsored+ users, and on the livejournal site, but only to persons logged in and to Sponsored+ users. There is more information in this post in news, and on this page, including clear diagrams of who will or will not get to see ads.

In other news, I am not currently using IM-programmes on my computer, in an effort to reduce crash frequencies. I am planning on doing a repartition+reinstall in the near future, and see about getting my drivers straight, and hopefully making the computer less prone to crashing. I also ran Memtest86 today to test my RAM, wondering whether there might be faults in it. In one of the tests (Test 5 [Block move, 64 moves]) it reported 81341 errors in the first pass, and 73653 in the second - I am thinking this might have to do with the programme getting confused and attempting to test memory-addresses that don't exist; the documentation mentioned that possibility. None of the other specific tests got any errors, and those errors shown would account for 511.5MB out of my single 512MB stick.

Edited to add: Have also been fiddling with the bits and pieces of the machine - some weeks ago I switched case (as general advise - avoid Q-Tec brand cabinets, and if you insist on getting one anyway, get some other power-supply), and today I put in a new harddrive, a Firewire controller (for an external harddrive which will get here eventually), and some wheels for the case (it is large and heavy). I didn't get to install the new fans, sadly - the supplier included short screws (about 9mm or 1/3 inch long), when I clearly need screws a bit longer than 25mm/1 inch. Hmph. Will have to see what my father has.

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