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Death on the job

Was at the Viking Museum today, as we were expecting visitors that wanted a tour and a meal of Viking-style mutton soup. The normal turn of events is that the group arrives, is given a tour of the museum for about 30-35 minutes, is given Viking-style cloaks, and then taken to the Great Hall for the meal. Today it turned out differently.

It started normal enough, in that the visitors arrived, split in two groups - some had their own cars, while the others came in a leased bus arriving a few minutes later. But while the people arriving in cars came into the house, when the bus had arrived, they took their time getting to the house. When I looked out to check, one of them was on the ground, and two were kneeling by him, administering CPR, while another was on the mobile to 113 (Emergency Services). Turns out he'd just keeled over and fallen to the ground unconscious, and stopped breathing.

There wasn't a whole lot for me to do except stand around and feel useless, as the group did well on the first aid - I procured some woolen cloaks to put under him, as he was lying on snow. A doctor arrived within 15 minutes of calling 113, and shortly after first one, then another ambulance, but there was nothing to be done. 40 minutes after he collapsed, he was pronounced dead. Massive coronary was the doctor's conclusion.
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