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Anybody need a steam-locomotive?

It seems that on German eBay someone is selling a BR52 2-10-0 heavy freight steam-locomotive with 4'-4' bath-tub tender and German-type smoke-screens, completed 1943 by Borsig of Berlin, build-number 15557. The bids have so far reached €1010 (US$ 1189, CA$ 1413, AU$ 1623, £ 692), and the auction expires in some 15 hours or so.

The seller notes that the locomotive is currently not operable, and has several flaws and lacks (the lowest photo suggests that the lid to close the firebox is missing, for instance).

The locomotive is located at the Strasshof railway-museum in Austria, and as I understand buyer must arrange shipping at own expense, though the seller looks willing to assist in getting the thing out of the area. The seller does advice that any serious bidder must get in touch with the seller immediately after bidding, as otherwise the bid will be deleted on presumption of being a prank bid.

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