Pengolodh (s.c) (pengolodh_sc) wrote,
Pengolodh (s.c)

Urk - am slowly catching up to events following 17-18 days offline (not at all voluntary). Yesterday I managed to catch up to skip=950, and I couldn't go any further back on my friendspage. I still have a bit to go on being caught up.

Say, could anyone tutor me on tickling the CD-burner into working while Windows 98 SE is in Safe-mode? My parents' old computer has crashed badly (the cause of my offline-ness), and will freeze up within seconds in normal mode (so fast I don't have time to shut down processes), but in safe-mode only the harddrive and floppydrive show up, which is a challenge to moving many-MB files about (my father's email in Outlook Express, for instance), and there are some things we'd rather like moved over to the new computer.

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