Pengolodh (s.c) (pengolodh_sc) wrote,
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I'm a superhero?

For the summer I'm working as a guide at Lofotr, the Viking Museum at Borg. As work-uniform we wear clothes appropriate for the late iron-age and early viking-age, and for cold weather we have cloaks. Today it was fairly windy up there (well, it always is - the place seems to always have winds three or four ranks higher up on the Beaufort-scale than everywhere else on this island), so cloaks were worn. As I stand outside the main entrance of the longhouse, cloak flapping in the wind, a family with a couple small boys comes up from the entrance. One boy looks at me with big eyes and asks "Are you a superhero?" My colleagues seem to have unanimously voted this as being our Question of the Year 2005.
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