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Permanent accounts

Just a reminder about the permanent account sale, for those of you who do not have news on your friendslist (if you don't - why?) - I know there are people on my friendslist who are interested in permanent accounts on LJ. I have one myself, and have had it as permanent for probably three years (they had a sale back then) - it is very good to not have to worry about the end of paid periods, and so on. The additional userpics are probably great for some, but for me the great thing is never having to worry about expiration.

Permanent accounts go on sale from 00:00 Eastern Standard Time June 8th, and remain on sale for the following 24 hours. They will cost USD150, include all the features of paid accounts, but they will have 100 userpics. Paid accounts will later have the opportunity to buy themselves up to 100 userpics, as well, but for now it's only on permanent accounts.

If you have a paid account, and upgrade to a permanent account, the remaining paid time can be transferred to a different account.

In addition to credit card, they accept money orders, check, and cash, with restrictions as detailed in the official announcement at news.

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