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I have a motherboard and a power-supply unit (PSU) which are not talking quite the same language. The motherboard is a dual-CPU board, and insists on the CPU-power-cable from the PSU having eight pins. The PSU has two CPU-power-cables, one with four pins and one with six pins. The documentation from the motherboard manufacturer is a bit sketchy, though I get the impression that if I use the four-pin cable, it will fit in the part of the socket that provides power for CPU-slot 1, which is the only one we'll be using. The supplier states that one can get an adapter, but that is currently nowhere to be found in this country, nor in the neighbouring country.

Am I likely to cause damage to components by using the 4-pin cable in the sockets for power to CPU1, leaving those for CPU2 empty, while I wait for the boat from Taiwan to arrive with an adapter?

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