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Hmmm - have I mentioned how much I like the Hungarian contribution (Forogj Vílag, with the group NOX) to this year's Eurovision Song Contest? It is one of the few I properly like so far, the Norwegian one being another favourite of mine. Iceland's contribution is also good, while the Rumanian one is earcatching even if I found much to dislike with it too.

Actually, liking the Norwegian entry is a bit of a change for me - we haven't made a habit of sending good songs to ESC the last few years, but this year... This year Europe's getting 80s-revival "poodle" hard-glam-rock by skilled and enthusiastic artists, dressed for glamrock. Best of all - it actually works; the song is great! The style can probably be likened to Bon Jovi - one Icelandic musician commenting on it called it a veritable "Living on a Prayer" flashback.

Scandinavian TV has already given an advance presentation of all the songs of this year's semi-finals - we have a series of TV-programmes broadcast in all five Nordic countries (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, and Finland), where five persons, one from each country and all having had something to do with the ESC, are together in a studio and evaluate the songs. This is quite fun to watch, and it is interesting to hear different opinions about the songs, as well as sarcastic comments on some of the entries. Tonight was, incidentally, something of a slaughterhouse as far as those evaluations went - Andorra and Ireland were judged particularly harshly.

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