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LJ just announced that they are now going to start actually purging deleted accounts that have been deleted for more than 30 days - there apparently is quite the backlog. They begin tomorrow. The announcement can be seen here (general advise: add lj_maintenance to your friendslist, as it is a useful place to find out about problems and how they're solved, upcoming planned downtime, and similar - add news as well, it has news about other things happening on LJ). I know there are some deleted journals on my flist where owners have migrated elsewhere - if they (you, if I've got the new you on my friendslist) have not save what's on them, and want to save what's there, they'd (you'd) better get round to doing so right away. Might be an idea to spread the word about this.

Skimming comments to bradfitz's entry, the comment-prize for tonight goes to the comment which reads (spelling and punctuation faithfully reproduced):
"how do i now if i have a deleted account? do i have to delet it my self to have one???"
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