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Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway to be a big sister

Press-release from the Norwegian Royal Court today:

HRH The Crown Prince and HRH The Crown Princess are expecting a baby

Their Royal Highnesses The Crown Prince and The Crown Princess are happy to announce that The Crown Princess is pregnant with their second child.

The baby is due to be born in December 2005. There may be some changes in The Crown Princess’s programme in the next few months.
The press-release was issued only hours after the announcement that their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark also are expecting a baby, due October 2005.

The Norwegian pregnancy was announced particularly early (with a due date in December, Crown Princess Mette-Marit can be at most two months pregnant, probably closer to one month) because the Crown Princess' programme may be subject to change - they'd have had to explain that in some way, regardless.
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