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Found via simonthecat, a brilliant spoof of the powerloss-log.

In other news, tomorrow at 9am CET I will begin an exam in the subject "Operating Computer Networks". It will be done by 3:30pm. 3:30pm on Wednesday January 19th, that is - 54 hours and 30 minutes later (or 55 hours - I'm not 100% sure the deadline isn't infact at 4pm). The product of the exam is to be a report. As for how much we must write, we've been told "no more than 70 pages". In Word, that is. Presumably including TOC, TOF, TOT, preface, fancy coverpage, etc. The report must also be bound a specific way. (But at least I got good training in binding like that in Ottawa last summer, binding Convention Alley programs and proceedings).

Of course, when one has finished such an exam, and is done with a subject, and knows one has passed, there will be a feeling of relief and release. This, however, will not be the case for me on Wednesday - because on Monday January 24th, at 9am, my second exam in the same subject begins - and will last just as long as the first one. Only the third exam, on Monday January 31st, will be a short one, being a 30 minutes long oral exam.

Perhaps I should sleep tonight.... Yes, I think that would be a good idea.
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