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Geek Wars: Battle for the Con

There seems to be a relevant new CCG (Collectible Card Game) out, one that should appeal to numerous fandoms, namely: Geek Wars: Battle for the Con

This hilarious 2-player card game pits geek against geek in a
tongue-in-cheek battle for control of Jim Con. Each deck has a
different "army" with inside jokes that every gamer will love. Look for
cards like "Always Plays the Cleric," "Didn't You Know There's a 5th
Edition?", and "The Lake Geneva Sucker Punch." The first player to take
over Jim Con wins!

What is Geek Wars?

Geek Wars is a hilarious line of card games that chronicles the battles
of geekdom. Each Geek Wars deck is based on a different kind of gaming
geek: the role playing gamers, the tabletop wargamers, the collectible
card gamers, the LARPers, those people who wear furry costumes, and so

Regardless of which geek is profiled, every Geek Wars deck is
compatible. You can pit role playing gamers against wargamers, LARPers
against furries, or Trekkies against card gamers! Each deck has its own
unique set of cards, with special abilities, different troops, and
funny options not available in other decks.

  • Fast, fun one-on-one game play
  • Hilarious card assortment that will make every gamer laugh
  • A deck-building strategy game
  • Only one deck is needed to play, or you can use tournament rules for multiple decks
  • Cross-deck compatibility -- you can pit role-players against wargamers, or card gamers against LARPers
  • More decks in the works -- look for Deck 2: Tabletop Wargamers in Q4 2004!
History of Geek Wars

As long as geeks have lived, there have been conventions. For as long
as these conventions have existed, the different breeds of geeks have
fought to control them. These battles have gone unnoticed by the
outside world, but within geekdom, they are legendary. The first and
most famous was at Drek Trek I in 1968. Fans of the recently cancelled
Voyage of the Drek clashed with old-school science fiction geeks over
the absurdity of their favorite show, resulting in massive hilarity and
many fun games.

It was not until role playing game geeks and miniature wargame geeks
began fighting that these battles reached great prominence. It all
began in 1976. Fans of Gophers and Ghouls stormed the Fresno Convention
Center demanding equal gaming space and equal access to the bathrooms
and food stalls. Dubbed the Fracas in Fresno, this battle paved the way
for the 1983 Milwaukee Melee, and the more recent 2001 Rumble in
Chicago. All these battles have one thing in common: two bitter bands
of geeks struggling to gain control of the convention.

The battles became international in scope in 2001 when BURP (Basic
Universal Role Play) loyalists clashed with historical miniature gamers
loyal to Wargizzard Ancients. LARPer geeks joined forces with the
BURPers to overwhelm the historical miniature gamers, destroying the
annual QueenFest in London, England in the process. Just recently, the
battles saw a strange shift when role players and miniature wargame
geeks from Milwaukee, Wisconsin put aside their historical disputes to
unite in a clash with gamers from Indianapolis, Indiana. The reason?
Jim Con '03 moved from its longtime Wisconsin home to the land of

Now you can relive these epic battles -- and create new ones -- with
Geek Wars!

Source (with pictures!)
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