Pengolodh (s.c) (pengolodh_sc) wrote,
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The dangers of pepperspray

A Norwegian police constable had a painful (and, presumably, memorable) encounter with pepper-spray. In short: The constable in question had been conducting an arrest of two persons, using pepperspray against said persons. In the process of this arrest, he got pepperspray on his hands.

He then, somewhat later, felt the need to make use of the policestation's lavatorial installations. As men are wont to do when at the lavatory, he grabbed hold of his extension, so as to provide better control of events.

This is when he realised that he had not cleaned the pepperspray off his hands. He let go very quickly, and immediately made a run (or as much of a run as a constable can make with his trousers and pants around his knees, anyway) for the nearest sink, and proceeded to run large amounts of water over the offended bodypart.
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