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Computer/CD-burner question

Am in a spot of trouble, and am hoping someone more knowledgeable than me can help me. My computer, which is a troublesome creature, has a CD-RW burner. This CD-burner has in the past worked, and burned perfectly usable CDs. At some point in the past, however - not entirely certain when, but it must have been connected with a computercrash - the CD-burner was no longer recognised by the system. It would go like this: I would open the drive, insert a disc, close the drive, and get the blue screen of death. Recently I have managed to convince the computer to search for new hardware, and it has determined my CD-burner is a mere CD drive (based on the fact that previously, rightclicking on the relevant drive-icon in My Computer and selecting Properties would give me a blue screen, while now it gives me a properties-window exactly the same as the CD-drive I have). Putting a disc into it still gives me the blue screen of death, however.

Anybody have a suggestion on how to solve this?

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