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So.... Easter has come. That is of course good. In Norway that means a week and a half away from school, as well as bank-holidays - lots of them: Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Day, 2nd Easter Day. Bank-holidays mean closed shops. Closed shops mean planning of when to shop and what to shop - one wouldn't want to run out of food, after all. Last Wednesday I went to my local grocer's to fill up stocks, and before entering the shop I took care to look at the poster with opening-hours for Easter: Wednesday 09:00-18:00, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday closed, Saturday (Easter Eve) 09:00-18:00, Easter Day and 2nd Easter Day closed. All nice and fine. Today I found I needed to get some few things, including the Easter Eve newspapers and such, as well as some milk. I come down to the store around 15:15, and that smaller poster with opening-hours for Easter is gone, replaced with a largish one declaring the store to be open 09:00-15:00. ARRRGH! Couldn't they have posted that on Wednesday? After all I am not likely to go to a closed store just to look at whether they changed their minds.

In other news, that same Wednesday one of my flat-mates decided to hold some dinner-event for a bunch of friends again, of course without letting me know. I live in a student-village, which I believe is not that different from Halls of Residence at British unis. We are four people sharing on level, each person having a 11ftx11ft room, with shared kitchen and bathroom. When somebody is hosting a dinner for a number of friends, there really isn't that much room left for others to make dinner for themselves. Of course, when I decided it was time I get myself dinner, I enter the kitchen to find it rather full of people eating dinner and enjoying polite conversation in a congenial candle-light atmosphere - and of course it was impossible for me to make myself dinner just then. I ended up having to settle for a few slices of bread at midnight serving as my dinner that day. Would it really be that difficult for a person just to let me know in advance that he'd need the kitchen from such-and-such time? I'd happily oblige and complete my dinner in advance.

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