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Norwegian-owned tankship explodes and sinks off Virginian coast

The chemical-tankship M/S BOW MARINER was enroute from NYC to Houston, TX, carrying 11,000 tons of industrial ethanol, when the ship caught fire and exploded 50 nautical miles of the Virginian coastline on Saturday evening. A MAYDAY distress-signal was sent out shortly after 1800 local time, when the ship was off Chincoteague in northern Virginia.

The ship carried a crew of 27 - 3 Greek, and the remainder Phillipine citizens. 3 have been found dead, six survivors have been recovered, and 18 are still missing. The six survivors are in hospital, and are said to be in critical condition.

The 171-metre (570-foot) MT BOW MARINER was owned by Norwegian shipping-company Odfjell ASA, was registered in Singapore, and classed by det Norske Veritas.

The cargo - industrial ethanol, which is used in the manufacture of varnishes and perfumes, and as an additive in fuels and petrol - is not expected to constitute an environmental problem. If the ethanol leaks out, it will evaporate rapidly - but the vessel was also carrying 700 tons of fuel oil, which will be a problem when it leaks out.

Link to BBC-report on the accident.
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