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Classy TV

Every Friday evening, the Norwegian TV-network NRK1 shows the programme Først og Sist, a direct-broadcast talkshow, hosted by Fredrik Skavlan. With talk-show, I am not really talking Letterman-style or something like that - it is a much more conversational show, and rather quiet, and less focussed on the host. The situation is generally informal, with the host and guests seated in comfortable chairs in a circle.

Tonight, the guests included the national Director of Police Ms Ingelin Killengreen, Pet Shop Boys, some philosopher hitherto unknown to me, and the author DBC Pierre, author of the novel Vernon God Little, which has been shortlisted for the Booker Award.

When DBC Pierre arrives, Mr Skavlan begins by making a conversational remark about how it can be difficult to decide what to ask such a talented author, prompting a response from Mr Pierre: "Well, you could ask me how old I was when I first masturbated."

As the camera zoomed in on him, Mr Skavlan needed a couple seconds to recover his facial expression from the "deer caught in headlights"-look. Noting that this was the first time he'd ever asked anyone something like that, he proceeded to follow Mr Pierre's suggestion, which Pierre might not have expected. At first he responded somewhat flippantly "Hey, I thought this was supposed to be a classy TV-show", he did reveal that he was a late starter, not doing it until age 17.
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