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A princess was born today

At 09:13 this morning, HRH Crown Princess Mette Marit gave birth to a daughter. For the first time in Norwegian history a princess has been born as heir to the throne - she will be the first Queen Reignant of Norway in more than 600 years.

Immediately after the birth the Royal Family and other close relatives, and the President Speaker of the Parliament, were informed. Then the Prime Minister, the Chief Justice of the Norwegian Supreme Court, the Bishop of Oslo, the Norwegian Armed Forces, and relatives in the Royal Houses of Europe were informed.

At noon churchbells pealed out their delight, the guns of the manned fortresses thundered salutes to the newborn, and public buildings throughout the nation and the foreign stations hoisted flags in celebration.

The name of the newborn princess has not yet been made public. Tomorrow morning, at 11pm, the cabinet will assemble in an extraordinary session, where the Crown Prince Regent will inform them of the name.
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