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For those interested in uncool homes

Recently, the Norwegian photographer called Rune Johansen has seen his photos become increasingly popular with international magazines. This happens from time to time, even with Norwegian photographers, and on those occasions i hear about it, I don't take too much notice. Mr Johansen, however, has chosen a subject-matter which is close to home for me - interiors in homes in Northern Norway; such homes that have not been redecorated the alst few decades. Several of these photos are available on Mr Johansens website (link). It is a Flash-website. Click on the embroidery to enter; there are forward- and back-arrows embroidered under the photo. The music alone is worth dying for.

He has a book of photos planned - if I can afford it when it comes out, I may well have to get it.

In other news - had 30-credit (i.e., it counted for the entirety of my autumn-semester) exam yesterday. Didn't go to well, but I'll pass, and I think I won't get the lowest passing grade either, which is something. I do not, regardless, like SQL, ER-models, or relation-models.

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