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Gone with the wind

There is a storm at home - Force 10 with gusts up to 85 knots. Her name is Edda. This is typical for the season. Slightly less typical for this season, or any season at all, is the fact that this is the third storm to hit Norway in one week, and that another one is due by the weekend. It is clear from the maps on the weather-forecast that low-pressure centres gather someplace around Greenland and queue up in the Denmark Strait, and then one and one they stride out across Iceland and into the North Atlantic. Hitting the Norwegian coast, they either slide across Norway into Sweden or bounce off the mountain-range along the length of Norway and swing North - in either case they trail storms and other foul weather, leaving in their wake material destruction, shocked reporters and bemused coastal inhabitants who seem to take some form of masochistic pleasure in living in an area that is storm-infested to such a degree. Quoth the man as he was clinging to a lightpole to avoid being carried across town by the wind: "It's a mite fresh today, I'd say."

Edda has done all the usual things - ripping tiles from roofs; ripping whole roofs from buildings; drenching TV-reporters in ten cubic feet of cold saltwater (I don't really know what he expected, standing as he did on a breakwater facing the Vestfjord - the camera survived, at any rate); blowing buses off the road; blowing down highway overpasses so they fall on buses; causing every ferry-connection, passenger-ship operation, airplane-service, etc. out of Bodø and in the Ofotfjord-area to close (effectively partitioning Norway into two parts, with no communications between them); causing local inhabitants to once again gleefully comment that this really is nothing, they've seen worse, all the while implying that the more urban population is a bunch of sissies - the usual stuff.

Generally, Edda isn't among the big ones, the way Frode of 1997 was - it sent 130 ft of a 270 ft building flying. Nevertheless, Edda managed something Frode did not - it has taken down a mountain-formation. Somewhere in Nordland - specifically at the island Sanna of Træna municipality in Helgeland - there is a mountain which now misses a part. Not a truly giant one - it was only 40ft tall - but still.

I note that while typing this, there have been snowplows driving past the building at least six times in each direction, all the while trailing impressive showers of sparks. They were down to the tarmac already the first time - I somehow suspect they're in it for the overtime. The snow is the second snowfall that looks liable to last any while this winter - it's about bloody time, too, considering that this city is on a latitude that is some 200 miles to the North of Anchorage, Alaska. It's only a measly 3-4 inches, though - pitiful.
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