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On a happier note

Am presently awaiting the arrival of a number of used books recently ordered. The below are the listings as given by the antiquariates.

  1. VEA, ERIK - JOHAN SCHREINER - JOHAN SELAND: Den norske Amerikalinje 1910-1960. 1960. Stor 8vo. 450 s. Illustr. Orig. skinnbd.
    info = ADA7384 --- NOK 250
  2. DANIELSEN, ROLF OG OLAV VEDELD: Det Nordenfjeldske Dampskibsselskab 1857 - 1957. Trondheim 1957. 4to. 364 s. Illustrert. Orig. helsjirtingbd. Ex libris på smusstittelbl.
    info = RUD47121 --- NOK 275
  3. LJONE, ODDMUND: Bergensfjord. Skipet som overlevde alt. Oslo. 1982. Originalbind med vareomslag. 8vo. 227 sider. Forlagsstempel
    info = MAJ2003 --- NOK 125
  4. STAVSETH, REIDAR: Nordover med Hurtigruten. Oslo 1943. Leks. 8vo. 208 s. Illustrert. Foldet kart. Orig. sjirtingryggbd. Ex libris på forsats.
    info = RUD31729 --- NOK 120
  5. WAHLSTRÖM, GÖRAN: FLOTTAN OCH PANSARSKEPPEN. En betraktelse och appell i Sveriges Trygghetsfråga. 1935. 108 s. Plr. Ded.
    info = LOP9581 --- SEK 110 - (NOK~ 100)
  6. DUNN, LAURENCE: British Passenger Liners. Adlard Coles, Southhampton 1959. 1st edition. 64 pp. Richly illustrated in b/w. Orig. wrappers. Ex-libris.
    info = KBR58071 --- DKK 50 - (NOK~ 55)
  7. DUNN, LAURENCE: Famous liners of the past Belfast Built. Illustrated by Laurence Dunn. London, 1964. 238 s. Indb. Rigt Ill. m. fotos i s/h.
    info = BKU3402 --- DKK 200 - (NOK~ 225)
  8. EMMONS, FREDERICK: Pacific Liners 1927-72. David & Charles, Newton Abbot 1973. 136 pages. Illustrated in b/w. Orig. cloth in dust wrappers.
    info = KBR57336 --- DKK 135 - (NOK~ 150)
  9. EMMONS, FREDERICK: The Atlantic Liners 1925-70. David & Charles, Newton Abbot 1972. 160 pages. Illustrated in b/w. Orig. cloth in dust wrappers.
    info = KBR56696 --- DKK 150 - (NOK~ 168)

All in all an investment of an estimated NOK1468 (US$193 or GB£122.46 equivalent), shipping, handling, and fees exclusive.

And yes, I did get something to eat eventually. Am still not happy about not being given fair warning on the use of the kitchen, though.

Edited to add: Come to think of it, I should perhaps have had a translation of the Scandinavian titles:

  1. The Norwegian American Line 1910-1960.
  2. Nordenfjeldske Steamship Company 1857 - 1957.
  3. Bergensfjord. The ship which survived it all.
  4. Northwards with the Coastal Express.
  5. THE FLEET AND THE ARMOURCLADS. A consideration and appeal concerning the matters of Swedish Safety.

All in all the books have 1955 pages between them.
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