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What IS it with people? Can't they bloody well let me keep my kitchen-things in peace?! Now I again have to go out to buy replacement spoons, since someone saw fit to steal a couple when they moved out - I have earlier had to buy spoons, forks, knives, teaspoons. And my brand new stainless steel casserole is full of black-burnt residue inside, which so far is proving itself remarkably unwilling to let itself be removed. All that's missing now is to find out someone's been using metal-forks in my non-stick casserole, but since that seemingly has been impressed into someone else's permanent service, I have not yet been able to see what state it is in. When my new casseroles arrive, I intend to store them in my room; it seems the only option.

Edited to add: Well, managing to get hold of some steelwool has reduced the level of frustration somewhat, if only for the reason that the steelwool actually was effective, but my conviction to remove my belongings from the kitchen (once I can get the shelfspace to do so, at any rate) remains firm - it is now an hour after I was supposed to begin making my dinner, and as a result of the delay I now have to wait for the otehrs to finish with the kitchen, so I'll be even more delayed.

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