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Norwegian cheese sets off terror-alert

From Aftenposten in English:

Norwegian delicacy sets off alarms

A block of brown Norwegian goat cheese recently raised a fuss at the Brussels airport. Security guards thought the unusual sweet, gooey substance called geitost was a dangerous explosive.

The drama began when Norwegian Tore Fauske, who lives in England, was given a block of the delicacy from his homeland while on a business trip to Brussels. He was delighted with the gift, which in turn had been brought from Norway with no trouble at Oslo's airport.

Fauske tucked it into his carry-on and headed for the airport for the return trip to England.

When his bag rolled through the X-ray machines at check-in, however, security guards stopped him and sent all others in line behind him to other checkpoints.

Fauske told newspaper Stavanger Aftenblad that he then was asked to open his bag, "and the guards visibly took a step backward when I unzipped it."

Still puzzled over what the guards were worried about, Fauske emptied his bag and its contents were then sent through separately until the culprit was singled out: The block of goat cheese from Norwegian dairy cooperative Tine.

Fauske says he tried to explain what it was. "It's a goat cheese, a Norwegian goat cheese," he said of the much-loved local staple that's an acquired taste, especially for non-Norwegians.

"It wasn't until I demonstrated that it clearly was something edible that they relaxed," Fauske said.

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