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Geeky books and CDs on order

Am at present hoping for the expedient shipping of the following books:

The Oxford Guide to Heraldry, by Thomas Woodcock (then Somerset Herald; now Norroy and Ulster King of Arms, with an annual salary of £20.25, up from £17.80 in his time as Somerset Herald - the heralds of the College of Arms haven't had a change in pay since 1830, when they had a significant reduction imposed by William IV) and John Martin Robinson (Maltravers Herald Extraordinary).
The Complete Book of Heraldry, by one Stephen Slater
Financial Times World Desk Reference 2003 (Formerly known as the DK World Reference Atlas)
DK Essential World Atlas

What makes the selection of books somewhat geeky is not the titles themselves, but the fact that books such as the Financial Times World Desk Reference 2003 are just the sort of books which I like to read for recreational purposes. Similarly, I enjoy reading encyclopedias.

As well as the following CDs:
Stars & Stripes: Marches, Fanfares & Wind Band Spectaculars, with the Cleveland Symphonic Orchestra, conducted by Dr Frederick Fennell. (Surprisingly little American music on the CD, given its title)
Drums & Fifes, with the Corps of Drums 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards
Music for Remembrance, with the Band of the Irish Guards
Out the Escort, with the Combined Corps of Drums 1st and 2nd Battalion Coldstream Guards
The Spirit of '76 and Ruffles and Flourishes, with members of the Eastman Wind Ensemble, conducted by Dr Frederick Fennell.
The Civil War - Traditional American Songs And Instrumental Music Featured In The Film By Ken Burns: Original Soundtrack Recording (Various artists).
Drums A'Plenty, with various Corps of Drums of the British Armed Forces.

I presume the geekiness of the above mentioned CDs is pretty self-evident

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