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New CDs!

Today the following arrived in my mail:

1. Bugle Calls for the British Army, with Sgt Simon Jenkins, principal cornet The Band of the Light Division
2. Musket, Fife & Drum, with the Bands, Fifes & Drums of the British Army, the Royal Marines, and The Royal Air Force
3. Trooping the Colour 2000, with the Mounted Bands and Trumpeters of the Household Cavalry, and the Massed Bands and Corps of Drums of the Guards Division
4. Beating Retreat 2000, with the Trumpeters, Massed Bands, and Corps of Drums of the Household Division
5. Great Irish Marches, with the Drums and Fifes 1st Battalion Irish Guards

The only CD missing was Drum and fife Through History, as it was out of stock, but it will be re-pressed within a month, thankfully.
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