January 28th, 2019

KNM Norge at full speed trials

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So we've had snow, and a lot of it - particularly yesterday. Most of it fell over a period of around 10-12 hours yesterday; it was about 60 cm (two feet), but there was force 4-6 (and sometimes more) winds at the same time, so some people have been blocked in by drifts reportedly reaching 3 meters (ten feet).

Several roads are still today closed due to avalanches, other roads do not get cleared because the snowplows and other equipment are locked in by avalanches. Sidewalk cleaning also has been missing, since all equipment has had to focus on keeping the roads open. School buses, as well as many other bus services, were cancelled today, so most schools here stayed closed today.

I cannot remember the last time snow closed down schools around here, although in the comments sections in the local newspapers some people speak of it happening on some very few occasions in the 60s and 80s.

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