December 5th, 2007

KNM Norge at full speed trials

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We had to take our dog - named Fanny - in to the vet yesterday, to have her put down. She'd started developing a tumour ten days earlier - by yesterday it was the size of two clenched fists put together, and she was an old dog; I believe it wasn't long before that one, and another large one inside her, would have begun harming her lungs and digestive system. She was already having trouble getting up and lying down. She didn't know what was going to happen - she was just as excited about this trip as any other trip in the car, and she had a field-day at the waitingroom, checking out all the treats and toys for sale, looting the box of complimentary kittie-treats on a table (I managed to rescue most of it), and so on. When we were driving there, she repeatedly stuck her head forward to nuzzle my head. My father couldn't bear it; he ended up waiting it out in the car - my mother and I were with her, though, as the shots were set, and cuddled her until she stopped breathing.

It will be a strange Christmas and New Year's Eve - she was very excited about both. She absolutely understood that she'd get presents for Christmas - the one year we didn't have any, she was very confused and searched through the pile of discarded paper, as she was sure we'd just misplaced it. And on New Year's Eve she'd always go out with us to watch the fireworks - she loved that, running up and down the front yard barking at the fireworks. Last year she barked particularly much at our neighbours - because they weren't at home, so they didn't launch fireworks like they used to - so she was barking to make them start launching fireworks.
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