April 27th, 2005

Sinking - In the sights

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In the elected assembly of the city of Stavanger a proposal was raised recently, that wireless broadband should be deployed citywide, for free. One of the representatives for Norwegian Labour Party was skeptical to this, however - while she would concede that having free wireless broadband would be "lovely", she was worried about having a satelite permanently right above the city. One of the representatives of the Socialist party could however lay her concerns to rest, by pointing out that the present proposal did nit, in fact, involve satelites at all. The proposal was postponed, at any rate, due to cost concerns, and the city manager was instructed to investigate alternatives for how city residents that today did not have internet access, could be secured this in an easy manner.

Now, with Stavanger being a fairly large city by Norwegian standards, all residents probably have access to ADSL, should they choose to order it. Whether that counts as an easy way to get an Internet-connection is quite a different kettle of fish, however, if media-reports and tales I've heard from acquaintances are anything to go by.
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