January 27th, 2005

KNM Norge at anchor

Don't know where you're going? Neither does Germanwings.

German low-cost airline Germanwings is doing a slightly odd campaign these days - you can buy tickets at an absurdly low cost, but you won't know the destination until after you've paid. There are two types of destinations - Fun cities, at 19 Euro, and sunny cities, at 39 Euro for the ticket.
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KNM Norge at full speed trials

Exams and other nuisances

Had another monster exam Monday-Wednesday. Didn't go as well as could be hoped for, I'm afraid. Not a fail, mind you, but I am concerned nonetheless. This exam was a group exam of more practical nature - the group (of four persons, and slightly less than fully satisfactory group dynamics - if looks could kill, two of the members would have reduced each other to chunky meatsauce on the floor by the end of the exam) is given a fictional business or organisation, which for some reason needs a brand new local area network, and we have to set it up both in Novell Netware 6 SP 5 and Windows Server 2003.

For this year's exam Collapse )

We went home at around 10:45 pm the first day of the exam - due to bus-connections, I wasn't at home until 11:30pm; I was at school and working at 8am next day. The next day we didn't go home. I went home sometime around 5pm on Wednesday, in a slightly sleepwalking mode.

Upon coming home, I find out some things.

1: The landlord is having a modification done to the heaters of all the rooms, moving the thermostat from being actually on the heater (a wall-mounted electric panel-heater) to a location on the wall. The new unit also has some new energy-saving features. This was done today. What that meant yeaterday, was that I had to move and clean things around a lot, to make room to move the desk out of the way so the electrician could actually do his job. Therefore: not much rest before midnight, barring the two unplanned hours of sleep which happened when I fell over when sitting (when I was at the bathroom that evening, I had to concentrate seriously to avoid falling off the seat there). Also, not much reast this morning - they began in the neighbouring section half a floor down at around 8:15 this morning, and the process involves much hammering and drilling. Moreover, this is a building of brick and concrete, meaning that drilling and hammering, regardless of where in the building it happens, sounds like it is happening right next to your ear.

2: No shower for me - because the idiot Ghanan in room no. 1 had raided my showering-things (the scrub and so on - not the actual soap or shampoo) to scrub the floor of his room. I can't do anything about it either, because he did that in preparation for moving out, which he did sometime between Monday and Wednesday, and so he's not around to be done anything at.

3: One of the other co-residents in the section apparently almost managed to burn the place down (or at it might have made the place it foul-smelling enough to be uninhabitable), by putting something in the oven and forgetting about it, until the building's firealarm went off. I did wonder at the strange smell in my room, until I saw the front of the once-white stove, and wondered at how black it was. Some people from the cleaning-division came by today, to inspect that the moved-out Ghanan had left his room in a clean state, and gave some advise on how to clean up the stove (and also marvelled at how clean it was behind and under it, when they pulled it out to have a look), and even gave me a new set of curtains for the room.

Note: I live in student housing, where each building has six sections, each with four rooms of 10 square metres (108 square feet) sharing one kitchen of 19 square metres (205 square feet) and one bathroom. One resident lives in each room. Broadband of impressive bandwidth is available to the tune of US$25/month. The sections are six to a building, staggered on either side of a common stairwell, so that the sixth level is at the height of fourth floor counted in whole levels from the ground, including ground floor.
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