November 9th, 2004


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As if the turkey and gravy soda by itself wasn't enough, they're expanding their range:
SEATTLE -- The Seattle company that brought us "Turkey and Gravy
Soda" last Thanksgiving is back with all the trimmings.

In addition to the traditional "Turkey and Gravy," Jones Soda is
selling seasonal bottles of "Mashed Potatoes" flavored soda, "Green
Bean Casserole" soda, "Fruitcake Soda" and "Cranberry" soda.

The company said the cranberry soda isn't bad, but does admit the
other flavors are turning stomachs.

Jones Soda is producing 15,000 of its five-bottle packs of the sodas
for sale in Target and other stores for about $17.

Some of the proceeds benefit Toys for Tots.
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