September 10th, 2003

KNM Norge at full speed trials

Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs stabbed

Earlier today Anna Lindh, Sweden's popular Minister of Foreign Affairs, was stabbed, and seriously injured in the chest, stomach, and an arm while shopping at the mall NK in Stockholm; she was not accompanied by police or bodyguards at the time (in Sweden apparently only the Prime Minister, the King, the Queen, and the Crown Princess have permanently attached bodyguard-details). The assailant was described as white, tall, and muscular, and wearing a camouflage jacket, and has so far apparently not been captured. He had first struck her head with his hand, causing her to fall, and stabbed her while she was lying on the floor. Mrs Lindh is in hospital undergoing surgery, it is reported that the injuries extend to her liver. While serious, her injuries are reported to not be lifethreatening.
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KNM Norge at full speed trials

Swedish minister in critical condition

Earlier, newsreports on the attack on Anna Lindh, Sweden's Minister of Foreign Affairs, had said that her condition was serious, but not lifethreatening. The latest reports, however, say that after five hours on the operating table, her condition is "very critical", and that she has lost a lot of blood. At the end of the 11pm ten-minute newsbroadcast on Norwegian TV-channel NRK1, they said that at the end of regular programming, at 1am, they would air an extra newsbroadcast, as the situation for Mrs Lindh was very serious. This sounds to me like they are expecting her not to survive.