September 3rd, 2002

KNM Norge at full speed trials

Strange laws and such

In 1985, an Arizona legislator proposed that each candidate for the legislature take a reading and an I.Q. test three months before the election. The scores would have been posted on the ballot, had the bill passed. But a majority of legislators, for whatever reason, voted it down.

While, due to a typographical error, a routine ordinance in Shelbyville, Ind., about charging for bad checks started out: "Whereas, the city of Shelbyville through its various governmental fascists receives numerous checks..." This was changed to "governmental facets."

That, of course, is only slightly more dim than an ordinance proposed in Robbins, N.C., which states, "In the future, anyone not living within the immediate vicinity of Robbins must have a permit from the Chief of Police and okayed by the Mayor or one of the Commissioners." It's not clear what the permit is for, but they may be on to something.

This, and other strange laws, at Dribbleglass.
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KNM Norge at full speed trials

Don't expect to find me online today

Actually, I'm not only feeling swimmyheaded, but also a bit sorry for myself.

I seem to be coming down with the flu or something like it - noticed it first late last night, when my nose started feeling like it was preparing to be runny (it's that same feeling as when you get when you've accidentally drawn water in through your nose when swimming - really very uncomfortable). Today, I also had a sore throat (though I seem to have managed to banish it for the time being), am sore with musclepains all over (but particularly around the neck), have tendencies to swimmy-headedness, have a headache, and feel generally lousy. And yet, tomorrow I still HAVE to go to school, regardless of how I feel - I empathically do not want to do so, but there simply is no choice, as long as I can manage to get out of the bed. No choice at all. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow. As it is, I have to get some paracetamol to banish the fever and headache, and hope that the Vitamin C of the three kiwis I ate earlier today (as much Vitamin C as in 24 oranges) will help a bit.
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