June 29th, 2002

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Frightening thing that happened to someone I know

Some of you may know that I particpate somewhat on an online political forum. One gets to know people there, and there is also a lot of chatting going on. One of the regulars I know over there is a liberal democrat (liberal by the US definition, btw), whom I for the moment shall refer to as M, as I don't think it's suitable for me to spread his name around. His wife, R, is the daughter of a rich catholic couple, whom have never forigven her for converting to protestant when marrying M, and they have never forgiven M either - not even after M and M agreed to raise their son, J, as a Catholic. M's father in law (FIL) has taken special pride in pamering, spoiling, and protecting J, to the extent of ensuring that when J was arrested numerous times for minor drug-related crimes, he enver had to suffer the consequences - no jail, no community-service, and the FIL paid the fines.

Well, recently police doing a raid at J's highschool found that he in his locker had large quantities (several pounds) of narcotics, as well as a stun-gun. The judge decided he would stand trial as an adult, despite the lawyer's protests that J's parents (M and R) and the police had set J up. The lawyer is paid for the FIL. At this time the lawyer also finds it prudent to enter negotiations about a deal - if J provides names of higher-level drugdealers, he gets off without jail-time. M and R, who still are the boy's legal guardians and have to approve the deal as he still is a minor, are less than positive to this, to put it mildly - they want him to face the consequences of his actions, for once - and hesitate to approve the deal. In the meanwhile, what does the brat do? He brags about it - in jail.

The results are, of course, predictable. The higher levels of whatever organisation he's gotten himself into soon hear about this, and he's assaulted in jail - while battered, he was not seriously injured, and he was put in protective isolation. Meanwhile, M gets a telephone that his wife has been critically injured in an accident, and is at such and such hospital, and of course he rushes off to the hospital. On the way, at a red trafficlight, he encounters a police-car, which escorts him to the hospital. R too receives a phonecall, saying that M is critically injured and at the hospital, and she too rushes off. On her way there, she is run off the road by another car. The car stops, one man exits, points a gun at her, makes as if to pull the trigger, and then gets in the car again and rushes off.

M and R are naturally badly shaken by this, and decide to take off and go into hiding, with help and advice from the FBI. The inlaws are not particularly worried, and certainly did not find it troubling that someone had pointed a gun at their daughter, but they do hire a security-company - for themselves only. M and R take the step of reserving a motelroom with their creditcard at a location South of where they live, then go a wholly different direction. Before leaving, however, they discussed their destination with M's parents, their pastor, and an FBI-agent.

They left for their hideout a little more than one week ago, and halfway to their destination, a car pulls up alongside them and attempts to force them off the road. M tries to evade it and outrun it, and the other car opens fire. M is only mildly injured by some cuts by broken glass, but R was hit by three bullets to her head. She has been in hospital, in critical condition, in coma, and on lifesupport, since then, and very recently the doctors approached M and told him that according to her living will, he had to decide how much longer she was to remain on lifesupport. Clearly, the implication was that it is not likely that her condition will ever improve.

It turns out the in-laws were hit as well. A delivery-lorry calling on their house found the guards from the security-company bound, gagged, and unconscious, and the in-laws could not be found - but there were bloodstains on the livingroom carpet matching the mother in law. It is apparently presumed that they are dead.

It is very upsetting when things like these happen to people one knows, even if only remotely and only over the internet.
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