May 24th, 2002

KNM Norge at full speed trials

I rule!

Today I had an exam again, in the subject "Projecting of Fishing- and Workboats". The exam was oral, rather than written, and consisted of two parts. First, we had to present the project we had done - we were two groups, each group doing a written project designing a vessel, and the project counted 50% towards the final grade. My group consisted of me, Marius and Solfrid. After this, there was an individual exam for each student.

Of course I have tried reading for the exam the last few days, but it's been so damned hot (26-27 degrees centigrade) that all I have read has melted and run straight out of my head again. So today, at 12 midday, I appeared at the meeting-room at the second floor at the Centre of Marine Technology, more than just a bit nervous. The presentation took one hour, and went as well as could be expected, although we did get a nervous feeling when we noticed just how dwarfed our reports was by the report from the other group. The nervousness only increased when we spoke with the other group, and realised that they had completed linedrawings with ShipShape (tm), and all sorts of things - I myself had hoped that we could have achieved a bit more on our project. Nothing to be done by that, however - all we could do, was to present the project as it was, though it paled in comparison to that of Group 1 - but Professor E. informed me that the other group had produced the best project he had ever seen in his long time as a professor.

Anyway, after the persentation, my group was up for the individual exams, and I really did not feel I was in control of the subject. Of my group, I was the last to go, with Solfrid going first. Both Marius and Solfrid said they were really unhappy about how things went when they were done, and the last few minutes waiting to be called in were of the nervous sort. Then Professor E. poked his head out the door, and I walked in to an uncertain fate.

I go in, and as instructed seat myself at the end of the table there. I was then asked to draw two pieces of paper from seventeen on the table (one for each chapter in the curriculum) - I did so, and got the numbers 6 and 9. what doe it mean? The professor also is curious, and strives to find out what no. 6 was (with me thinking to myself: "If he, the Professor, doesn't know what no. 6 is about, how am I supposed to remember anything?"). Then he finds it: ship-boards hydraulics and deck-equipment. "No! I don't know that chapter!" was what I thought. A small core of panic makes its presence known. Professor E. starts by asking what factors are used to dimension ship-borne hydraulics on fishing-vessels, and I respond, using a trawler as example, explaining that first you shoot the trawl (set it out), but that isn't particularly demanding, but hauling it, while it gets ever heavier is a strain, and recovering it is the big factor. As this part goes on, I realise that, contrary to what I expected, I am doing OK. Questions go on, and I miss only a small bit on one question.

Then: No. 9. Turns out it is about propulsion-machinery, and that was one of the topics that was my responsibility to write about on the project - the questions were easy, and Professor E. and the censor felt compelled to stop me talking, so they could ask questions from other areas in this chapter. The 15 minutes pass quickly, and I am sent out while the Professor and censor discuss our grades. At this point I fully expect to get a C - a C in Norway is the equivalent of the upper quarter of a US C and the lower half to two thirds of a US B, while a Norwegian B covers the upper half of a US B, and the lower quarter to half of a US A.

Some minutes pass by, while I gather the others - we are seven in total. We are then called in, and the censor takes a sheet and starts reading: (names) (mumble) (mumble), Solfrid G.: C, (mumble) (mumble) Marius L.: C, (mumble) (mumble) (somebody gets an A) (mumble), Christian S.: B! Now that shocked me! I had the feeling that the report was less than perfect, to say it mildly - I expected the reports was around C or D - and I managed to lift myself to a B! After this announcement I was free to go home and relax - noting in passing that Marius and Solfrid were not particularly keen on discussing the report with me all of a sudden.

Presently I am watching the Royal Wedding on TV - after Nidaros Cathedral Boy-Choir sang a Norwegian version of "I Was Glad" (same text as used for English coronations, different melody), the choir Schola Sanctae Sunnivae walked through the cathedral, singing "Lux Illumit" - very, very serene. And Princess Märtha Louise looks more like a queen than any Queen Reignant, Queen Consort, or Queen Dowager I have ever seen - this gown is far more beautiful in my eyes than the one worn by HRH Crown Princess Mette Marit when she married HRH Crown Prince Haakon.
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KNM Norge at full speed trials

It seems to be the time...

...when favourite authors who haven't updated since late 2000 or early 2001 or so, suddenly find their muses again. Chapter 11 of First Impressions was just added, almost two years after Chapter 10 - hopefully he'll manage to keep the style of the earlier chapters. He has also written something called Detention Dream. While searching for the story, I found The Dreamer, who pas a page of fic-recommendations, for those that want quality-stories (although why he tops that list with a link the the main-page of Nifty is beyond me - quality- and number-wise, Nifty-stories are like

In other news: it rains today. Finally! Rain is a good thing, because it keeps my room from becoming a sauna, which it has been for several days.
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