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The bad, the ugly, and the good news.

1a. The bad news 1
We have discovered dead mice in our drinking-water well. Eurgh.

1b. The bad news 2

I seem to have some infection in my left eye - it's rather reddish, and eyesight on that eye is rather misty (like when one has had a hot shower and the bathroom is full of steam). And a doctor is rather difficult to get hold of just now.

2. The ugly news


Helmut Lotti is publishing a CD with Elvis-songs. What have we done to deserve being exposed to this? What have we done?

For those not in the know, Helmut Lotti is a Belgian singer who's made a living out of recording popular songs of different genres in easy-listening-muzac-arrangements - he's so far (I think) up to Heltmut Lotti Goes Classical III, Helmut Lotti Romantics II, and Helmut Lotti Latino Classics II. He is the Richard Claydeman of singing, except that Lotti is less skilled than Claydeman, and tackier than Pan Pipe Moods.

And now he's recorded the works of Elvis Presley.


3. The good news
Got from my parents moeny for a DVD-player for my birthday. Am very pleased. I will make the purchase in Trondheim - I arrive tomorrow morning. I also got new shoes - black bluchers. Was undecided for a while about whether to buy bluchers or brogues, but the bluchers turned out to have a better fit.

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