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Watching Royalistic Rock'n Roll

Was listening to and watching (on Norwegian TV) part one of a recording of the concert in the park behind Buck House earlier this summer, in conjunction with the Golden Jubilee. Turned it on in time to get Dame Shirley Bassey on the screen, singing Goldfinger. She isn't quite what she was, if that performance was anything to go by - she was almost out of tune at places, and her voice didn't always carry (but that may have been due to bad sound-mixing as well).

Then, after an intermezzo with some insignificant Yankee singing some Robin Hood-related sentimentality, Queen came on. We Will Rock You was OK - but... who on Earth was that twit they had for lead soloist on We Are the Champions? He looked, and sounded, and acted, like a boyband-member. Yech! Then there was Bohemian Rhapsody (beautiful, wondrous composition - a work of genius). For this song, there was a much, much better replacement for Freddie Mercury - I don't know who he was, but he had an appearance which was not a copy of Freddie, but it fit the song, and it fit the image I have of Queen in my head - it was wild enough. He sang well too, without having that annoying sort of boyband-slickness to him. It was sadly apparent, however, that the people doing the sound-mix, and who were supposed to be turning microphones on and off at the right times, had a big timing-problem. They were repeatedly several seconds late, meaning that when two persons switched back and forth singing alternate verses in a song, the first line or two sung after a switch couldn't be heard at all. The balance between singers and instruments wasn't always good either - it isn't good when singers are almost drowned out by the musicians.

Annie Lennox isn't bad, I guess. I have a fairly indifferent attitude to her and Eurythmics generally, although I adored No More "I Love You"s. That one wasn't on the programme, however.

Following this came Cliff Richard, introduced as "The King". :: unsuccessfully tries to camouflage fit of laughter as fit of coughing ::. Cliff Richard is definitely no favourite of mine - and as for the introducing comment by the conferancier about Cliff's lack of wrinkles following five decades in the business, I must admit I suspect US plastic chirurgeons for having a bit to do with that. And the clothes! White lounge-suite, with yellow-, pink- and white-striped shirt with white tie!

I will not comment on S Club 7, nor will I comment on the fact that they, Mr Richard, and Queen actually performed together.

The last artist in this part of the recording was Ozzy Osbourne. I don't normally like that kind of music, but in this context it was actually quite fun. He certainly had the audience with him - but he threw me a bit when he left the stage, shouting "God bless you!". I mean, he was introduced to the stage as "The Prince of Darkness" - surely a prince of darkness does not go 'round shouting "God bless!"? i'll admit to having had a short mental image of Voldemort showing up for Sunday Church Tea every Sunday, crocheting small round tableclothes sold next Sunday to help finance the Greater Hangleton Church Ladies' School-children's Poetry Competition.

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