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Am getting myself caught up in reading the Hogwarts After Dark RPG - it's quite entertaining (even if many character LJs ahve a horrible design), and I like that Terence Higgs has some prominence in that RPG. I'd apply to join, except that there are no characters remaining that appeal to me (Terry Boot was the last appealing character left, and he was claimed a couple of days ago, apparently). It's a heck of a lot of posts and LJs to keep track of, however, since most of the RPGing takes place in the individual journals rather than in the set up RPG LJ-community - my friends-list nearly doubled in size after I added the characters I want to keep track of (I need to read them through my friends-page - many of the LJs have customised designs that are virtually impossible to read - small font dark green text on black background, for instance). Am beginning to think it might be prudent to create a separate journal to keep track of HAD - anybody remember offhand how I extract the code that comes included with a free journal?
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