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Sakes alive, it's hot!

So. Today, it was 30 degrees centigrade (86F) in the shadow here in Lofoten. 30 degrees centigrade! Nearly 200 km North of the Arctic Circle! Temperatures like this shouldn't be allowed. Weatherforecast now reports that we have a blitzer of a thunderstorm headed our way from the South - yesterday South-Eastern Norway suffered 29000 lighting-strikes within a period of 12 hours, which is a fair bit over the normal. 24 hours later, large areas in that region are still without electric power (so if I grow very silent all of a sudden, you know the reason). Of course, today we also had a cruiseship here, so I got to guide a busload of people for 3 hours and 45 minutes - wearing red shirt and black, long trousers, while sitting right at the front of the coach, with maximum exposure to the sun. Yes, it was hot.

Also, one of the regular scheduled stops on the particular tour I had today is an old church. Today, however, this attraction was off limits to us, as there was a funeral from that church today (funerals in Norway as a rule takes place from churches/houses of worship according to the religion of the person in question, or from the home of the nearest relation in the case of an atheist). Thus the routine was to just drive slowly past the church, while giving a brief rundown of the more interesting details of the church, without stopping - to the noticeable irritation fo the staff-escorts provided by the ship.

We were scheduled to drive past the church an hour prior to commencent of the funeral-service, and so did - and had maximum bad luck with the timing of the arrival. Just as the buses slowed down to a crawl past the church, we see that the hearse has already arrived, and members of the family are carrying the coffin into the church in preparation of the funeral - while four buses full of tourists with cameras and videorecorders are driving by at slow speed. Later, at our next stop, I was informed by the guide from an other bus that the staff-escort on her bus still had insisted that they should stop, and let the passengers out, even after seeing the coffin being carried in. Some people just...!

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