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(1977/Altarbook 1992)

Examples taken from 1st Sunday of Advent. (beginning of the Churchyear in Norway)

TRANSLATOR'S NOTE 1: I have in this text chosen to use the term Nightmeal instead of Lord's Supper.

TRANSLATOR'S NOTE 2: I have not translated the older arrangements (1685, 1889, 1920, and the 1969 experimental form) for the high mass, as they in generally are quite similar, apart from having outmoded forms of grammar and sentence-structure. There are some exceptions, however, and I have included three of these in this translation, in red writing. These are the entrance-prayer and departure-prayer, which are read by the sexton standing in aisle in the nave, and the instruction for the Nightmeal. I have in these three made attempts to preserve a more dated grammar and sentence-structure. These three elements were definitely gone with the 1977-arrangement.

Introduction (preparation)



The lithurg comes before the altar/the prosession enters the nave.


Song of praise or psalm fit for the point in the church-year, alt. Biblical psalm.

Entrance-words (Entrance-prayer in the 1685, 1889, 1920 arrangements)


Dear congregation.

Mercy be with you and peace from God, Our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ.


Sexton, standing in the aisle

Lord! I am come into this Your Holy House to hear, what you, God Father, my Creator, You Lord Jesus Christ, my Salvator, You dignified Holyspirit, in life and death my Comforter, will speak to me. Lord! Open now thus by your Holyspirit for Jesu Christi sake my heart, that I from You rword may learn to atone for my sins, to believe in Life and Death in Jesus, and improve myself every Day in a holy Life and way of life. This hear and answer You by Jesus Christ. Amen.
Confession of sins

Let us bow before God and confess our sins.


Holy God, Heavenly Father.

Look in mercy upon me, sinful human,

who has offended you with thoughts, words, and deed

and feels the desire for evil in my heart.

For Jesu Christi sake,

have patience with me.

Forgive me all my sins

and give me to fear and love you alone.
Call of prayer (Kyrie)
Lithurg and congregation (singing)

Kyrie eleison, God Father, have mercy.

Kriste eleison, Lord Christ, have mercy.

Kyrie eleison, Holy Spirit, mercy.
Song of praise (Gloria)
Lithurg (singing)

Honour be to God in the highest!

Congregation (singing)

And peace on Earth, among humans who have God's compassion. We adore you, we praise you, we worship you, we raise you up. Amen

Collectprayer of the day

Let us all pray.

Allmighty God, we praise and adore you for you have set Your son, Jesus Christ, to king over us and again let us begin a merciful year in Your Church. Give us Your Holy Spirit, so we may know Him when He today comes in the body of a servant, and He may know us when He will come in glory, He who in unity with You and the Holy Spirit lives and reigns, one true God from eternity and to eternity.



Proclamation of the words of God

First lesson

Lessons follow the text-series of the Churchyear.

Let us hear the words of the Lord.

Congregation (singing)

God be praised. Halleluja. Halleluja. Halleluja.


It is written by/in .... on the .. chapter.


Thus sound the words of the Lord.


Psalm fit to the character of the day or to one of the lessons, alt. Biblical psalm.
Second lesson

Lessons follow the text-series of the Churchyear.


It is written by/in .... on the .. chapter.


Thus sound the words of the Lord.

Confession of faith

The apostolical confession of faith.

Let us confess our holy faith.


I believe in God Father, the almighty,

creator of Heaven and Earth.

I believe in Jesus Christ,

Guds oneborn Son, our Lord,

who was conceived by the Holy Spirit,

Born by Virgin Maria,

tormented under Pontius Pilatus,

crucified, dead and buried,

journeyed down to the realm of the dead,

arose from the dead on the third day,

journeyed up to Heaven,

sits at God's, the Almighty Father's right hand,

shall thence return

to judge living and dead.

I believe in The Holy Spirit,

one holy, general church,

the community of the holy,

the absolution of sins,

the ressurrection of the body,

and the eternal life.


Psalm before the sermon

Short psalm.

Can be introduced by a short prayer.

Reading of the sermon-text of the day




This holy ghospel is written by/in .... in the .. chapter.

(Sermon text and sermon of the day.)

Glory be to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit,

who was, is, and will be one true God

from eternity and to eternity.
Psalm after the sermon

Prayer for and by the congregation


Announcements include among other things upcoming services, as well as encouragin prayers for children who will be baptised, couples who will be wedding, and sick.

Let us turn to God in prayer.

Lord, our God and Father, we thank You, and praise Your holy name, for You are Good, and Your mercy lasts for all time.

We pray for Your church on Earth. Fill it with Your spirit. Keep it with the Word and the Sacraments, and let it bear fruit for You in love.

Bless our congregation, and help us all to serve in faith to Your kingdom. Call our confirmants to a life in forsaking, faith and service.

Let Your word have progress among all peoples. Give power and courage to those who are persecuted for the sake of Your name. Call those fallen aside to the mercy of the baptism.

For Jesu Christi sake,

Congregation (singing)

Lord, hear our prayer.


Give peace on Earth, with freedom and justice for all. Teach us to safeguard the value of each human from the beginning of life to the end of life. Show mercy on those living in poverty and despair. Help us safeguard Your creation and distribute Your gifts fairly.

Bless our King and his house, our people and fatherland and our countryment in distand countries and on the seas. Keep Your protecting hand over children and youth. Fill homes and schools with Your Spirit. Give wisdom and righteousness to all who have responsibility in our society, and teach us to work for the best of eachother.

For Jesu Christi sake,

Congregation (singing)

Lord, hear our prayer.


(Today we pray particularly for ... (relevant subjects of prayer may here be mentioned briefly))

Come to those who seek You, and to all who struggle with doubt and despair. Comfort the sick and the grieving, be near to all who are lonely, bring the hope of eternal life to those who struggle with death; have mercy on all humans.

For Jesu Christi sake,

Congregation (singing)

Lord, hear our prayer. Amen.

The thanksgiving-offering of the congregation

This part may be omitted.

The offering may also take place after the service, at the exits.

The offering may be concluded with a short prayer, for example this.

Lord God, Heavenly Father, Yours is the Earth and that which fills it. All we own, belongs to you. bless these gifts, so they may be of benefit for Your kingdom and for our neighbour, by Jesus Christ, our Lord.

When baptism is administered in the highmass, it takes place here.

Gathering round the table of the Lord

Psalm before the Nightmeal
Introduction of the Nightmeal

Greeting (Salutatio)

Praise (Benedicamus)

Holy (Sanctus)

Praise (Instruction in the 1685, 1889, 1920 arrangements)

The Lord's Prayer

Thou Lamb of God (Agnus Dei)

The Lord's words of institution

Lithurg (singing)

The Lord be with you.

Congregation (singing)

And with you be the Lord.

Lithurg (singing)

Uplift your hearts.

Congregation (singing)

We uplifts our hearts to the Lord.

Lithurg (singing)

Let us thank the Lord our God.

Congregation (singing)

It is dignified and right.

Lithurg (singing)

In truth dignified and right it is that we always and all places thank you, Holy Lord, Almighty Father, eternal God, by Jesus Christ, our Lord, he whom you sendt to salvation for the world, so that we by his death might have the absolution of the sins and by his resurrection with the eternal life.

By Him angels sing praise to Your glory, and your congregation in Heaven and on Earth praises Your name with harmonious jubilation. With them we too want to unite our voices, and adoring sing:
Congregation (singing)

Holy, holy, holy is the Lord Sebaoth, all the Earth is filled with his glory. Hosianna upon high. Blessed be him who comes in the name of the Lord. Hosianna upon high.

Resurrected Lord and salvator, we adore and praise Your holy name because You gave Yourself for our sins. Thine be the glory for the love that is stronger than death. Give us that come to Your table to receive Your body and blood, that we may partake in this holy meal with humble and sincere hearts. Unite us with You as the branches with the vine, teach us to love eachother as You have loved us, and let us once be gathered with You in Your perfect kingdom.

Instruction of the meaning of the Nightmeal


Dearest Christi Friends! For that You in a righteous and dignified Manner may receive the highworthy Sacrament, You should put it well on your Mind, what it is, you here should believe and do. Of these Christi Words "This is my Body, which I give for you", "This is my Blood, which I give to you for the Absolution of the Sins", you should believe, that Jesus Christ himself is present with His Body and Blood in the Sacrament, as the Word says. Therenext You should also believe of Christi Word: "For the Absolution of the Sins", that Jesus Christs gives you His Body and Blood as Confirmation of the Absolution of all your Sins. Finally You should also do by the Christi commandment, where he thus commands you the following: "Take this and eat it", "Drink all thereof" and "Do this in my Remembrance". When you then believe these Christi Words and do by this His Commandment, then you are rightfully tried and may worthily eat Christi body and drink His Blood for your Sins' Absolution. Then should You also together thank the almighty God, our Lord Jesu Christi Father, for such a great Gift, and love eachother of a pure Heart and with the entire holy Church find Comfort and Joy in the Lord Christ. Thereto give you God Father his Mercy by the same Jesus Christ, our Lord! Amen.
Congregation and lithurg

The Lord's Prayer

Our Lord Jesus Christ in the night when he was betrayed, he took a bread, gave thanks, broke it, gave his disciples and said: take this and eat it. This is my body that is given for you. Do this in my memory. Likewise he took the chalice after the meal, gave thanks, gave them and said: Drink all of it. The chalice is the new pact in my blood which is shed for you for the absolution if the sins. Do this as often as you drink it, in my memory.
Congregation (singing)

Thou Lamb of God, who carried all the sins of the world, have mercy upon us. Thou Lamb of God, who carried all the sins of the world, have mercy upon us. Thou Lamb of God, who carried all the sins of the world, give us your peace.
The Nightmeal

During the administration the congregation sings appropriate psalms.

Greeting of peace or nightmealwish after each kneefalling.

Nightmealwish after administration.

Administration, with the words "This is the body of Christ. This is the blood of Christ".


Peace be with you.

The crucified and rearisen Jesus Christ has now given you His holy body and blood which He gave for absolution of all your sins. He strengthen you and keep you up in a tru faith until the eternal life. Peace be with you.
Thankscollect for the Nightmeal

Let us give thanks and prayer.

We thank You, Heavenly Father, for your blessed gifts. We ask You that You by these gifts will preserve us in the faith in You, unite us in Your love, and confirm in us the hope of eternal life, for Your Son's, Jesu Christi, our Lord's sake.

Conclusion: consecration to service

Comcluding psalm
Blessing and sending

Praise (Benedicamus)

The aronittic blessing

Quiet prayer
- three times three strikes are struck with one of the churchbells.

Sending (Departure-prayer in the 1685, 1889, and 1920 arrangements)

Lithurg (singing)

Let us praise the Lord.

Congregation (singing)

God be praised. Halleluja. Halleluja. Halleluja.

Lithurg (singing)

The Lord bless you and keep you.

The Lord let his face shine upon you and be merciful to you.

The Lord let lift his sight upon you and give you peace.

Go in peace. Serve the Lord with pleasure.


Sexton, standing in the aisle

Lord! I thank You of my whole Heart, that You now have taught me, what you will, that I shall do. Help me now, my God, by your Holyspirit for Jesu Christi Sake, that I may keep Your Word in a pure Heart, thereof in my Faith be strengthened, in a holy Way of Life be improved, and have Comfort therefrom in Life and Death! Amen in Jesu Name.



During this the lithurg departs from the altar/the prosession exits down the nave.

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